Spring is officially here – Yippee!

We had a pretty mild winter, but it is always exciting when the spring weather arrives.  The Auxiliary decided to stop advertising in a paper newspaper, that would have been The Mercury.  It is expensive.  We will continue to send out our email Blast to those of you who wish to receive them, and we usually have a little something in the online news outlet, The Patch (Phoenixville edition).  It can usually be found in  the Bulletin Board category.  So, it is important to keep the little piece of paper with our donut schedule, which is attached to each order.  Please help us remind our non-computer savvy friends and family who came to expect an announcement in The Mercury.  We are sorry for any inconvenience.

We had a very successful “Fastnaut” time donut sale in February.  Thank you to everyone who ordered donuts, and thank you to our loyal volunteers who made, packed, advertised, and sold the donuts.

Please start thinking about volunteering for our donut sales, but especially consider working at shift or two during the last week in July during the Kimberton Community Fair.  For some reason, we especially need lots of volunteers for the latter part of the Fair week.  Keep it in mind if you could, it is greatly appreciated, and helps fund our Fire Department. You can call our donut line at 610-935-1388, option 4, to leave a message of your interest in volunteering.  Be well!