2015 – Spring is here!


With the changing season comes other changes.  Last month the Auxiliary decided to stop putting together Mixed bags of donuts.  There are a few good reasons, but one important reason is that we just don’t have the manpower.  Many of our workers come right from their paying day time jobs. We always welcome new volunteers.  Just leave your name and phone number with one of our volunteers.  If you need an assortment of donuts, you might try a half-dozen of each Powdered, Plain, and Cinnamon.  Most of our dedicated customers were quite understanding, however, there were a couple that were irate and downright rude.  Ya just can’t please everyone. Besides – more donuts for us!

The other change was our ordering cut-off time from 4 pm to 12 noon.  There is such a demand for our famous donuts that we needed more time to cook, cool, bag, and fill your orders before the doors opened at 7 pm.  A very large percentage of our customers choose 7 pm for pick up time, and we want to be ready.  We’ll see you Monday night, hopefully not all of you at 7 pm.  Thanks for supporting the fire company.