February 15, 2021: Revised Pickup Time and Location

Good news! We made it through the night with no inclement weather and so our donut volunteers are here busy working on the orders. It smells yummy here today 🙂

Come as early as 4:00 PM

Order Pick Up will start at 4 pm. Come as soon as you are able. You do not have to stick to the time you originally signed up for. We hope to have all orders claimed by 7 pm so we can get everyone home.

More Good News! We are now able to go back to our normal drive-thru lane around the building. So disregard last night’s new location instructions. We’re back to Plan “A”!!

  1. Enter from Route 113
  2. Turn RIGHT at the stop sign.
  3. Turn RIGHT on the gravel drive and the LEFT to follow the back drive away (like previous drive-thru donut days this summer)
  4. Go around the back of the building
  5. Pay at one of the 2 order pick up doors

Revised traffic flow route at Fire House.